Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day weekend

The beginning of my new arbor.

Enjoying our days off. Lovely to have this reprieve when we're all getting anxious to be released from the school days routine.
The price of fuel definitely dictated our holiday plans.
Anyone else??

We have stayed close to home. Drove up to Morton, WA yesterday to pick up one of our trucks. I love that drive. Everything is so lush and green. Full of new life.
We took in a few yard sales along the way. Was fun. I'm so excited about the treasure I found!! An old set of very retro metal folding chairs. I can't wait to get outside to clean them up today and decide which of my cool metal paint colors I will use to give them new life. Also found a old jewelry box for 50 cents that I can apply art to and make it my own.

Planted 2 tomato plants and 3 dif. peppers in my new raised garden bed last eve. Happy to have another garden spot. Spent a couple of hours peeling the bark of the logs we used to construct it. Beautiful Douglas fir logs off our property. I love to see the wood revealed under the bark. I find it therapeutic. I also think there's brilliant aromatherapy principles involved that I find both soothing and invigorating at the same time.

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