Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good Morning, old blog....

Good Morning,
I often want to blog...... I have one running in my head most of the time..... but I now seem to be soooo spoiled to convenience, that I won't get my laptop out and sit somewhere other than my bed to receive a good signal. O SPOILED! and let's not forget LAZY! PITIFUL!
So, instead I write a few words on Facebook and get frustrated when I am limited to 420 characters on my mobile! Just can't ramble on and on like here. I get pretty cranky when I have to edit my words! The blog is a sweet antidote.....
To catch up, a little..... It is now almost Spring. O, volatile Spring-in-the-great-Northwest. On any given day we can have quite a range in temps, experience sun, rain, snow, sleet, slush, wind, rainbows and back to sun and then back to GREY. Which may be a weather condition.
This morn it is soggy, light grey & calm.

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