Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jack Frost!

Hello beautiful, frosty morning! I was out in the dark-night, about 1 am with Harlowe & the sky was perfectly clear with so many brilliant Stars! Just about made it worth it to be awakened... I love the starry sky. I also loved quickly jumping back under the covers & snuggling down to sleep again.
The girls and I have been very unlucky this week with catching the bus. We're 0 for 3! Dean says it's a minimum of $10 every time we take the truck out.... Yikes! Guilt & wastefullness!
I was scheduled for the Doc today, but just called to cancel. I have such a stressful time getting myself there to even actually get the help that would help me be less stressed so I could get there!!! I now have a new appointment for tomorrow.... Hopefully it will be doable... I hate this stupid anxiety!

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