Monday, April 18, 2011

Huge Mushrooms!

Mushrooms as big as my big head!

I found the most amazing sight the other morning. Giant mushrooms! We are no stranger to all sorts of fungi, here in the very damp and often dark NorthWest.... but these babies were def out-of-the-ordinary & quite Spectacular! You can't really tell from this photo, but they were 8 - 10 inches across on the caps. I'd noticed this especially green mound of grass for a while. The result of some very rich compost we'd easily created just from scooping out the goat pen. Then, I began to see spots of a lighter color showing as I drove up the lane.
Harlowe (my pup) & I decided to investigate. Giant mushrooms! So amazing. I am quite a novice at mushroom-identification, so I've been doing some research & I emailed some pics off to a website that says they'll help, but so far I'm still clueless. I'm thinking they will soon be past their prime for eating, if they are edible, but perhaps more will grow.
For sure, they are the stuff that dreams of tiny gnomes & fairies are made from because they'd certainly make excellent homes for the wee creatures!

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