Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Fun in Portland

Portland! from the waterfront outside of OMSI. It was a sunny day!! Beautiful!

We went to the NE Alberta Street area & I promptly fell in LOVE! So FUN & ART-filled! We couldn't resist the grilled cheese BUS!

Inside this re-purposed (Portland loves that word!) school bus is the indoor seating area for enjoying your gourmet grilled cheesiness and how surprised & thrilled was I to see all the vibrant art on the ceiling????? V*E*R*Y

Total AWESOMENESS!! Made me want to rally local artists here & paint the ceilings of the busses my girls ride to school!

I could have just soaked up the ambience, the art-vibe & the sunshine.... but Guess what?? Their food was also AMAZING!! Bonus!! AnnaBelle & Dad shared this giant "grilled Cheesus" which is two grilled sands forming the bun on each side of a deluxe hamburger w/all the toppings!! Heaven in heart-attack form, for sure!

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