Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Morning in the Garden

I went out early this morning while my side flower bed was still in shade to do some major winter clean-up, weed pulling, dirt stirring and a little dreaming.
Made me miss my Mama a lot. Last year when I created that flower bed she was right beside me. Handing me tools, bragging on my mad skills and offering me iced tea. "You need to stop and take a drink, TriciaKay."
I can't wait until she is back in a few weeks! I love you, Mama!

I was having a few 'Jesus' lessons in the garden this morning. Like: be careful what you leave as flowers, they may very well be weeds that are going to take over as soon as your attention is elsewhere.

Be deeply, deeply rooted & not easily removed. Had a clump of tall grass that I had to use every tool in my arsenal to finally, finally pull out! It was fiercely dug in. I want to be that. Some of the flowers I was trying to carefully weed around had such delicate little roots that they were so easily uprooted & I felt sad. Trying to quickly stick them back into the dirt, hoping they will make it, but feeling doubtful. I don't want to be that. Lovely up top, but no substance to hold on with.

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