Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hello Again, Hello.

I know that I say this almost every time I come back after a long absence, but TIME truly does get away from me! I write all these seemingly amazing blog posts in my head as I go about my day, but it is a totally different thing to get them onto the written page. Although I DO aspire to do so! I always think it will be different & I'm always dismayed to see that it's been another 11 months! YIKES! I am so in awe of all the Blogger's out there who keep up on a regular basis. My hat's OFF to YOU!! INdeed!!

It's been a VERY LONG Winter! Do y'all feel the same? Do they actually get l o n g e r as I grow older?? Perhaps so. I just know that this one was especially LONG. I thought Spring would never come. I wondered more than once, unfortunately, if I would live to see another Summer. Not particularly pretty. 

Here we are, though and I am thankful. The Sun came back! Growing season is upon me again. I am digging in the dirt. Bringing small seeds to life. Feeling the Power of the Creator and being Thankful. Thankful.

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