Sunday, May 3, 2009

Welcome May

May is another of my favorite months. Spring is here. The growing frenzy is well under way. All is alive with hope and purpose, just as I wish to be.
My daughter, Shasta, my Mama and myself just returned from a women's retreat near Kerrville, TX south of San Antonio. It was my first trip to this area of Texas and I am now soooo in love!! Quite a delightful surprise after the flat, sandy dryness of West Texas where I was born. O, so lovely! There is a softness to the air and to all the colors that speaks volumes to my soul. Calm and peaceful and inspiring all together. I can hardly wait to go there again.
I am a huge fan of the NW and have lived here most of my life, but I could give the San Antonio area a whirl. Now to convince my husband.....

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