Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's 2 o'clock in the morning....

........set 'em up, Joe.
I'm awake. I'd like to still be asleep. Billie Holiday, our black lab, was growling at something outside & that put me on alert. I now must wait out the adrenaline surge.
Sometimes, critters (opossums, I think) attempt a sneak onto the porch to poach some of Billie & Scouts dog food.... hence, the growling.
Now awakened, my mind is full of all the things I must accomplish when I am officially UP in a couple hours. Shasta, AnnaBelle & I are headed for beautiful Bend, OR today! So excited!
I just don't enjoy the packing up/loading up part. Makes me stress.
I like the part where we're in the truck, tunes on, foo-foo coffee drinks in the cup holders and driving on the I-5 South.
Still have laundry to finish, suitcase to fill, puppy to ready, girls to prompt, truck to clean out & load, fuel to buy (O, Lord)..... I really need some more sleep!

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Louise said...

I LOVE Bend!!! It's such a wonderful is Sun River and Sisters. Just such a beautiful area. Be safe, Dearest and HAVE FUN!
Love you, LuLu xox