Monday, February 21, 2011

Sometimes it's hard to come home.

We had such a lovely trip to Bend. Breezed in on the tail end of a storm. Snow was plowed & piled, the sun was shining & the locals were saying, "Good timing. You just missed the storm.”
It's been almost 5 years since we left Central Oregon. I knew I had missed it & Boy! I was right!
The girls and I had fun pointing out all the familiar sites & memories & were excited to see lots of new additions. Madres even has a spankin' new Sonic!
The next two days reconnected us with old friends, brought new friends, secured a wonderful new job & a lovely home for my eldest daughter and we gave thanks.
I also found myself wishing it was happening to me. Wanting the excitement & wonder of new possibilities. Remembering how I loved our home when we lived there. I had to resist stopping by the property management office to see if there could be another place for me.
We ate, we shopped, we visited & laughed and then had to leave on a beautiful sunny morning and head for home.
A heavy, longing heart makes for a very long trip.

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