Monday, March 28, 2011

Disturbing Dream Theme. Need Interpretation.

Over the last week I've had two disturbing dreams about the same thing. In the first one, I thought two of my daughters were combined into one daughter & she was expecting a baby. Her belly was clear. I could look right in & see my lil unborn grandbaby.
Then, the baby was born too soon & I was trying so hard to breathe life into it & warm it's tiny body, but it just wasn't even completely formed yet & I was helpless to save it.
Last night, a similar dream. This time I didn't know who the baby belonged to, but I was again cradling it & trying to keep it alive, but again, it was too soon. It's little fingers didn't even yet have fingernails. I couldn't save it.
I'd like two things.
1. Not to dream this again.
2. To understand what it's all about.

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