Thursday, April 28, 2011


I write with sadness for my companion, this morning. Our earth, our weather, our government, our economy, the stuff that makes up our lives... all so unsettled.
I found myself, just yesterday, wondering if my daughters will get to have the sheer joy of carefree days. I want them to experience a life as unburdened as possible & experience the simple pleasures I've known.
But.... there's such a heaviness to life right now. I want so much more for them than the struggle. I want them to know the fulfillment of work well-done & money honestly earned. I want them giddy with excitement, falling in love, making homes & making babies. Living out their true purpose.
I want to sit on the porch with Dean & listen to the laughter of our grandchildren with peaceful, hopeful hearts.
Hearts that feel a whole lot lighter than mine does right now.

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