Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Please tell me it isn't true.

Once again, I'm at the ball park, watching life happen around me. There are several teams of high-schooler's & college age players. It's a whole different dynamic. Pretty girls in short-shorts, tight jeans, tanned legs & on the field, a whole lot of testosterone.
At my Ladie's group this morning, I listened as more than one said that at a "certain age" a woman becomes invisible.
I find this truly disheartening. I'm at that certain age and I always hoped that once I lived this long, gleaned this much life experience, I would have earned a certain "presence". Not that my ultimate desire in life is to be seen, but being invisible comes with not having a voice and I'm emphatically not ok with that.
I've also lived enough now, approaching this momentous bday, to realize that what I'd hoped for is not going to happen. I won't wake up one morning, magically feel comfortable in my own skin & have all the answers. What I can do is accept Grace. Open my heart, expand my Faith & get my head around Who God says I Am. What my value is. What my role & purpose are at this stage of life. We are surrounded & bombarded with incorrect images & information. I desire to age gracefully, peacefully and be careful to filter out that which will not benefit me for eternity. I wish to be brave. To follow my own truth. Not be over-taken by society, or the media, or the age-old scenario being played out in front of me at this recreation park tonight.

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Louise said...

Oh Dear are a lovely gal for more than one reason. And not only this, but I believe with all my heart that each and every woman is beautiful, a unique creation of God. We are what He wanted to present to this world, women of His love and creativity. There is no ONE standard of beauty, as we all have an essence of beauty, created in God's image and show forth His giftedness with our gifts, talents and abilities of heart and soul. Beauty is also in the eye of the beholder, as I have always believed. I personally believe that women are the most beautiful as they reflect God's goodness from the heart...this radiates outward. Yes, Trish, you are a most lovely woman. xox LuLu