Saturday, October 1, 2011

Brave New World

Wow! so happy to have the laptop hooked up to the internet again. My phone is pretty awesome, but it isn't terribly easy to mobile post to my blog.
 A lot has changed! The girls and I decided we didn't want another year to go by with being away from Dean, so after a couple of summer visits, we loaded up what we could in my big truck and came to Eastern Oregon just in time to register for school, which started a week earlier than we're used to.
The girls were extremely brave about leaving their friends and familiar schools for this new adventure & I'm so proud of them for how they've adjusted and made friends and settled right in.
It's so very lovely to have our family all together. I'm enjoying all those little everyday moments that happen naturally because we are all comfortably under one roof.
Here's to our New Adventure! C'est Bon!

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