Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's Saturday morning

I woke early, slipped quietly out of bed and into the livingroom. Up before my husband for once! This very rarely happens. He makes it his mission to rise before the sun. He's spent the majority of his life doing this out of necessity for his work & now it is a deeply ingrained habit.
I made coffee, let the dog out, looked at the dark sky for shards of daylight and cozied up in a big chair to look for interesting, just-waiting-t0-be-discovered-by-ME..... items for my Pinterest.
YES, if you are wondering.....IT IS ADDICTING!! NO Doubt!
This day is still Ripe w/Possibilities. I want to switch out some furniture for my own things we brought out of storage recently. Excited to see & use my stuff after several years of living w/minimal belongings. Very thrilled to see all of Dean's sentimental, but dreadfully UGLY "in-the-meantime" sofa's & recliners go somewhere else.
It's kind of a sensitive subject between us. I truly admire his sentimental side, but he'd save absolutely anything that once belonged to someone he cares for... and while I admire his loyalty, I often don't admire the style or find them as charming or compatible w/my vision for our home as he does.

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