Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Forecasting SNOW!

I see it could arrive tomorrow. Snow flurries predicted! This will be all new to us after the rainy winters of W. Washington. I'm both a lil excited & a lil anxious. I see lots of snow-shoveling in our future....
It's a lovely clear morning right now. Just enjoyed a beautiful display of colors in the sunrise. How blessed to be the recipient of that much beauty.
I'm always a lil relieved when the chaos of Halloween is over & we can slide into the Thanksgiving season. I try diligently to give Thanksgiving its due & not shove it under the skirts of Christmas. It's a precious time. A slower vibe & I want to make the most of it. I'm hoping maybe Mama can come over on the train & spend some time w/us. That would be perfect.
It's fun for me to look at all the recipes of the season & plan. I'm so very excited this year to have my nice kitchen! It will be a joy to cook.

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