Monday, April 30, 2012

GoodBye to April

Hopes and Dreams

 I saw this on PINTEREST today. Went to re-pin it on the boards I have for my daughters, then became interested in her list of questions myself, so......

   List 20 random facts about yourself:

1.   I don't care for patchwork.
2.   I love diet root beer. 
3.   I so desire to age gracefully, but am afraid I won't.
4.   I  really like TV, but think I shouldn't.
5.   I've been a Cougar in the majority of my relationships w/men.
6.   I've felt most of my life that I'm a walking contradiction.
7.   I am more like my Father than I like to admit.
8.   I don't have good relationships w/my siblings & it makes me sad.
9.   I desire most of all to feel safe & secure.
10. I need a lot of alone time.
11. I will have Botox, given the opportunity.
12. I wish I had long legs.
13. There are so many, many places I hope to travel to.
14. I'd like to be a Yoga instructor.
15. I'd like to eat pie every single day.
16. I am definitely an emotional eater.
17. I'm slowly learning to like to exercise.
18. I love to target shoot.
19. Feeling powerful is sexy.
20. I treasure Wit.

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