Wednesday, August 22, 2012

but wait! There's MORE....

This is what I look like at the gym. Please notice the pools of sweat around my neck. I'm oddly quite proud of those!!

This great reminder is in my window.

We went to the MOST amazingly GOOD restaurant in Meridian, Idaho called "Ling & Louie's". Delicious!! We dove into our food so fast I didn't get a picture, but this is my frosty decadent cocktail made with the tastiest black rum! YUM!! We had a very exuberant waiter whom my daughters thought was C+U+T+E and Dad & I thought was annoying. TYPICAL!

One Morning while looking at beautiful blogs & seeing all the awesome pictures people post of what they make to eat, I couldn't help but notice my own breakfast & decided to take a very un-posed, honest photo of my real food. I proudly present this toasted bagel w/goat cheese, salt & pepper, served on an ordinary yellow plate & eaten w/a bar fork. Not pretty, but pretty good.

I rode this Ferris Wheel at the Union Co. Fair in La Grande, OR. My first time EVER on a ferris wheel!! That's my daughter, AnnaBelle & her friend Mckela straight across from me. 

I had a birthday! Beautiful AnnaBelle made breakfast in bed for me!

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