Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer, continued

We took Mama to eat at the Haines Steakhouse & somehow I only ended up w/pics of myself & Kat! Hmmmmm..... Well, Mama looked lovely, of course!!

I practiced poses for my book jacket photo for when my first book is published, while waiting patiently in the truck for one of my daughters....
Don't I look quite thoughtful & wise? Like I know something valuable that you will pay money to glean from me? Yep! that's what I was going for...

I took up embroidery again after many, many long years. I've now made more adorable embellished cloth napkins than I will ever need!

I moved on to much more whimsical subjects, after I finished these noble owls. I would say, "wise"...but I just used that word to describe myself.

I took this early morning photo while waiting for Kat to wake up so we could go work out & get the day started. Yes, it was a long wait. I decided I looked pretty good for a woman my age-who just woke up-photographed in the harsh morning light-with no makeup & bed hair. 

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