Thursday, January 24, 2013

Possibly, I will blog more...

I was gifted with an awesome new computer for Christmas. Santa was very good to me. Huge touchscreen...all kinds of possibilities I've barely begun to explore!
One of the reasons I wished for it was to do more with my blog, so we shall see if a new computer was what was indeed holding me back...

Cup of coffee by my side, but not too near the computer....fuzzy dog under my on....the faint sound of my daughters alarm going off every 10 minutes. She needs lots of snooze-time before she can actually rise & shine.

My other daughter sleeping as if it were vacation. She's gotten too used to these few days off before her new semester begins. We will hopefully complete her enrollment today for Oregon Connections Academy (ORCA).
Too much drama and distraction at her middle school had caused her to become so stressed & unhappy, with her usually good grades reflecting all of that. Made a decision to try something different for her. I'm very excited to see what she will do in this new academic environment.

It has been so unbelievably cold here. The wind chill makes it impossible to be outside & I have a bit of cabin fever. Hoping for some warmer temps soon. I'm really wanting to go out and shoot my guns! I miss that so much.

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